Stop Cleaning Your Hard Floors with Dirty Mops, Buckets, and Water

by thelogicalorganizer - June 27, 2017

Clear History Clip

“Oh, Gladys, rags by their very nature are dirty.” – Larry David

Quick Read:

  • If you are cleaning your hard floors with a mop and bucket, you are moving dirt from one place on your floor to another place on that very floor.
  • Like many, you likely did not wash and disinfect the mop head from the previous use.
  • Current process:
    • Take a bucket, fill it with water and floor cleaner of your choice.
    • Take a mop (remember, it probably isn’t clean) and dunk it in the water/cleaning solution.  After a few dunks, the water becomes dirty.  You could (should, in fact) pour the dirty water out and refill the bucket to continue mopping.  Personally, I wasn’t doing that when I was using a mop!  If you are like me, you mopped the floor with dirty mop, dirty water, and using a dirty bucket.
    • Wait for your dirty floor to air dry.
  • Suggestion:
    • Stop cleaning your hard floors with a dirty mop, dunked in a dirty bucket full of dirty water!
  • Cleaner process:
    • Use the Hoover Floormate line of hard floor cleaners…or something like it.  Shop around for the best price.  (Nope!  Not getting paid for this recommendation.  For future reference, though, I only recommend products I have used and found beneficial.)
      • Picture this!!!
        • One empty tank to collect dirty water.
        • A whole other separate tank containing clean water and solution of your choice!  AHHHH!!!!!  The two tanks never ever meet!!!
        • Fast spinning brushes scrub the floor as you move the Floormate like a vaccum cleaner across your hard floors.
        • The beautiful thing about the Floormate is you will no longer have to wait on your floors to air dry!!!  AHHHH!!!  EUREKA!  Why?  The Floormate has suction action which sucks the dirty water into the empty tank.  It picks up the dirty water and dries the floor!
      • You are left with floors that are dry…and clean!

Background Details:

I am a little cooky or quirky?  I don’t know.  Either way, I’m weird.  Much like Larry David in the clip (Clear History. Dir. Greg Mottola. Screenplay by Larry David. Perf. Larry David. Home Box Office, 2013.), I do not want any parts of a freshly wiped table or utensils that were placed on any part of that table..  The reason is because I know that at some point, a towel…could be silk for all I care, was dunked in a bucket full of dirty water in the kitchen and used to wipe the table.  Restaurant staff with great intentions ask to wipe the table off before I sit down.  I politely decline.  Weird, I know, but I’d rather just sweep the debris off the table with a dry napkin vs being wiped with the dish towel.  In the cases where the table has been wiped down before I’m seated and is still wet, I just grab some dry napkins and wipe it dry before I sit!  Problem solved!  lol

Cleaning floors

Previously, I was taking a mop and “cleaning” hard floors with dirty water.  Something about this process never sat well with me.  As I mentioned in the “Quick Read”, think about it!  Take a few seconds and really think about how you are cleaning your floors.  Ew.  We’re just moving dirt around, right?!  And, yuck, now it is wet!  The definition of cleaning is “freeing from dirt”, not moving it around.  Even if you have a wringer mop!  That saves your hands from having to touch the dirty water, but it doesn’t stop it from being returned to your floors.

Then, I was introduced to the Hoover Floormate by one of my clients and my life changed forever!  lol  Well, as it related to cleaning hard floors.  I mean really cleaning these floors.  Not just going through the traditional mopping motions.

Picture of two Floormate Hard Floor Cleaners

Hoover Flooormate Hard Floor Cleaners

Cleaner Process

Today, we (The Logical Organizer) take great pride in really cleaning floors.  Again, not just going through the motions.  The Floormate gives us confidence that we are cleaning our client’s floors using the most sanitary method available to consumers.  To maintain this clean, we recommend removing your shoes and leaving them at the entry door before walking through your home.  Request the same of your guests, too!  This will help to lessen the amount of debris introduced to your floors.  Plus, it is more sanitary for you while walking around on your lovely clean floors.  You can place a shoe rack at your entryway to help keep shoes in order.

Picture of 3-tier shoe rack against next to a picture of a 2-tier shoe rack with a seat.

Entryway shoe rack options


  • Consider changing the way you clean your floors.
  • Your children who crawl on these floors will thank you.  So, will the bottoms of your feet.  : )
  • If you don’t want to concern yourself with any of this, contact The Logical Organizer!  We can help!

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